Book snobs and why I decided to start blogging…..

I have been a reader since I learned to read. Possibly the worst sentence ever constructed, but there is a difference  between knowing how to read and being a reader. Readers take a book with them, just in case they have a few spare minutes to read. Readers stay up way too late at night, paying no mind to early morning meetings or sleeping spouses, simply because you just cannot put that book down. Readers also do a lot of book browsing – checking out online reviews, looking for deals on digital books, checking out your favorite authors websites hoping for news on their next book.

It was this book browsing that inspired me to start blogging. I often find myself frustrated with online reviews. Many of them are so angry. Others cant be trusted because its possible they were compensated for posting a review. While I can understand why someone would want the chance to read a book before anyone else, I do not understand the downright nastiness of some online reviews. Hiding behind a keyboard can really be a confidence booster.

I have tremendous respect for authors. I have always dreamed of writing a book. I’ve even tried to start writing one myself, but here’s the thing – writing a book is hard. It takes months and months of work, even more months of getting it from your computer into book form. There are many books out there that I have not enjoyed. Not every book is for everyone. and that’s okay.

What you will find on this blog are reviews of books and general book chat. What you will not find is snarky reviews or snobbish assaults. I read everything. I enjoyed Madeline Albright’s latest book just as much as I enjoyed the Twilight series. I look forward to sharing what I’m reading with you…..and until my next post, you can find me reading.


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